Zoom @ York University unifies cloud video conferencing

This service makes it quick and easy to create and collaborate in simple meetings, study groups and online learning.

All York University Faculty, Staff and active Students are eligible for licensed accounts! Sign up for yours simply by logging in with your Passport York information. Users can host meetings of up to 300 participants for an unlimited duration, complete with screen sharing, video recording and a host of other collaboration features*.

You can also check out great resources on how to use Zoom and ensure a successful online meeting experience, such as:


Users are able to log into this service securely with their Passport York credentials. The Zoom @ York U service does not by default store any personal information beyond name, email address (which serves as the user account) and department name. Your Passport York credentials are never shared with the service. If you choose to add a profile picture, or any other information manually to your profile, that information would also be stored.

Meeting hosts are able to record locally to their personal device, and can grant other meeting participants the ability to record in meeting, though this feature is not available by default. Participants are audibly alerted to active recording in meetings, and visually by the red record icon in the top left of the Zoom window.

Cloud Recording is now also available to Faculty and Staff. This feature will allow meeting hosts to opt for recording their meetings and having them automatically uploaded onto the Zoom cloud servers. These servers are external to the York network. The viewing of these files is limited to those who are members of York’s account and who have received a meeting link from the meeting host. Files cannot be downloaded unless the meeting host grants users the ability to do so.

Downloading and Updating the Zoom Desktop Client
Joining a Zoom Meeting
Basic In-Meeting Navigation
Zoom Security Basics