Return to Campus: Getting Ready for In-Person Teaching and Learning - Shared screen with gallery view
Alice Propper
Who is the speaker? Her role - expertise? Will the recording be available later?
Robin Sutherland-Harris (she/her) - YorkU Teaching Commons
I am currently on Treaty 7 Land in Alberta, the traditional territory of the Blackfoot Confederacy
Geneviève (elle, she/her)
York University recognizes that many Indigenous Nations have longstanding relationships with the territories upon which York University campuses are located that precede the establishment of York University. York University acknowledges its presence on the traditional territory of many Indigenous Nations. The area known as Tkaronto has been care taken by the Anishinabek Nation, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, and the Huron-Wendat. It is now home to many First Nation, Inuit and Métis communities. We acknowledge the current treaty holders, the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation. This territory is subject of the Dish with One Spoon Wampum Belt Covenant, an agreement to peaceably share and care for the Great Lakes region.
Robin Sutherland-Harris (she/her) - YorkU Teaching Commons
Alice, this is Genevieve Maheux Pelletier, Director of the Teaching Commons. The recording will be available later
Alice Propper
Thank you Robin - I will need to leave to complete some grading recording later
Woldegebriel Assefa Woldegerima
very informative and nice presentation. Thank you
Ron Ophir
Thank you Lucy for the most informative and helpful presentation.
Maria Liegghio (Social Work) she/her
Can you please put in the chat the contact and support when dealing with behavioural issues in the classroom, and also for mental health support.
Shahab Bayani
That was amazing information Lucy, made me feel even more proud of my university.
Natalie Neill
Thank you Lucy
Ron Ophir
Question for Lucy: Do you have any information to share about what specific academic adjustment challenges new (1st and now 2nd) year students report experiencing that are different from before the pandemic? (About adjusting to university course learning (within the course, not overall university experience)? Thank you. (Hope your survey presentation would make it to Senate floor…)
Jessica Sutherland
Ron, in my experience teaching a 2nd year req’d class on campus this fall - students struggled with figuring out in person teaching methods. Doing activities, engaging with me, talking to each other - they were not accustomed to this at all. I think they got quite used to being quiet on zoom.
Natalie Neill
Thanks so much Prof. Kikulwe
Daniel Kikulwe
John Bell
How did you deal with the fogging glasses
John Bell
durign lecture
Shahab Bayani
Thank you Prof. Kikulwe
Jessica Sutherland
Wash your glasses with a bit of dish soap! Weird trick, but it does work
Natalie Neill
Hi John, I had some good luck with masks that have metal strips over the nose. You pinch the strip to seal. They help with fogging.
Ameera Ali
Double masking can also help with this, John
Virginia Barter
Yes the mask has to fit snuggly over the nose sothat air does not pass up through. The mask should also be high enough up that it fits just the rim of your glass.
Ameera Ali
I have also tried placing my glasses directly over the top of the mask and found that this helps significantly.
Daniel Kikulwe
have heard that you wear the mask as close to the eyes as possible and having the glasses over the mask.
Virginia Barter
KN 95 masks fit better.
Natalie Neill
silver lining!
Shahab Bayani
That was amazing Maria, thank you.
Luann Good Gingrich
Really useful, Maria. Thank you.
Virginia Barter
good point
John Bell
very good point on note-taking
Parto Pajoohesh
I like to know if anyone has experience with how to manage students who do not or cannot attend in person classes. Thanks
John Bell
good point on student confidentiality and recording
John Bell
For the students who do not attend, you can contact tehm, particularly in first year
John Bell
However, even in fully online courses there are students who just don't engage/--2 out of 22 in my Fall ONLN course
Parto Pajoohesh
Is it up to us to hold an in-class zoom for them? or under what conditions should we have that option?
Maria Liegghio (Social Work) she/her
Re attendance - I referred to our schools attendance policy, and constantly reiterated my expectations. But most often students that did not attend was because of pandemic related issues, like not passing the screening to come onto campus. Or their children couldn’t go to school because of outbreaks in the elementary/highschools/daycares. My suggestion is to go case-by-case basis and let things go when you can.
John Bell
and also pre-pandemic in-class, there would often be 1 or 2 "ghosts"--students on the class list who are rarely or never seen
Maria Liegghio (Social Work) she/her
YES to flexibility!!! But not carrrying the load for that flexibility…
Parto Pajoohesh
thank you Maria and John. good points to be flexible and case by case
Paula Wilson
@Parto my understanding is that if a student enrols in an in-person course, they are expected to attend. There may be reasons why a student may not come to every class, as is normal even without pandemic, so those accommodation are as you might normally do. However a student can't elect to never attend an in-person class and then want you to accommodate them.
Parto Pajoohesh
I agree, Paula. even with online courses, few do not attend.
Maria Liegghio (Social Work) she/her
YES, organized chaos by going on campus earlier than you need to be there to feel less rushed to get around🤪
Virginia Barter
Someone should write a guide manual.
Shahab Bayani
Very useful information, thank you Farimah
Bernice Neal
Thank you to the whole panel: so helpful!
Farimah Zadeh
Normal power point. This is the zoom option in the insert tab. :)
Ron Ophir
Thank you!
Natalie Neill
Megan, drinking water through a straw is my plan!
Parto Pajoohesh
This would be more difficult with second language speakers as in my ESL classes .
Robin Sutherland-Harris (she/her) - YorkU Teaching Commons
You might be able to use auto-transcripts on a projected power point to help with accessibility as well
Paula Wilson
I agree @Parto this is a huge challenge, especially in large classes. I'll be getting my own microphone and will wear an N95 mask and I have no alternate approach if students can't understand me. A big worry.
Parto Pajoohesh
yes thanks and the bigger problem would be understanding students’ speech which can be quite unintelligible in such classes
Hilary Davis
@Paula I'm wondering what brand of microphone you will be using. Does it simply plug into a usb port?
Ganaele Langlois
I know of colleagues who now have walking office hours as well and meet students outside.
Ron Ophir
Nteract App is also an option of using your York U VoIP phone from your mobile.
Paula Wilson
Yes agreed. I think I"ll use clickers and have students input their questions as a clicker written answer format. I won't be able to hear students in a large lecture hall I suspect.
Paula Wilson
I suppose another option might be to have them come with slips of paper and write their questions down then bring them up - though it requires moving around which might not be great.
Megan Hillman (she/her)
Thanks @Natalie - a straw is a great idea!
Paula Wilson
Sharing notes - some students use google docs and then friends can add on etc and then they all have a study document.
Ameera Ali
A collaborative note-taking Google Doc that is shared with all students could help
Parto Pajoohesh
all very good ideas
Robin Sutherland-Harris (she/her) - YorkU Teaching Commons
This resource list was shared with everyone via email - but there are some links here that may be helpful as well
Parto Pajoohesh
Thanks Robin
Suraiya Farzana
I found students as more cooperative, willing to align with rules and regulations. During last years they have gone through many adjustment and became more or less habituated with following rules. What they missed tremendously is care, understanding and space for socialization.
Robin Sutherland-Harris (she/her) - YorkU Teaching Commons
Thank you Suraiya!
Robin Sutherland-Harris (she/her) - YorkU Teaching Commons
This is a great question for others to chime in on as well - feel free to share your experiences with helping students catch up when they are significantly behind in the chat!
Ron Ophir
@Maria loved that you transitioned the question to the question of addressing alternative learning opportunities. There are times where that is just to leave to achieve the learning in the course
Nancy Sanders
I too had several students miss classes; however I kept the mindset that they had to take responsibility to get "caught up" through posted lectures etc. and my job was to make all material available - but that it was really about students meeting the course outcomes.
Parto Pajoohesh
Last year, I provided the struggling students with extensions or redoing an assignment but made it clear about the new deadline and their responsibility.
John Bell
thank you Maria