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Engaging with Government and Parliament – Lessons from Canada and the UK
Welcome to our first webinar jointly organized by Research Impact Canada (RIC) and Universities Policy Engagement Network (UPEN)!

Hosted by Justin Fisher (Brunel University & UPEN) and David Phipps (York University & RIC)

Join our panelists for this exciting presentation about the research-policy interface and successful engagement with government bodies. This session will feature researchers with experience collaborating with government as well as professional staff supporting those collaborations. This session will be of interest to academic and professional university staff, as well as policymakers from all levels of government.

- Kate Dommett, Senior Lecturer in the Public Understanding of Politics, The University of Sheffield, UK
- Pierre-Gerlier Forest, Director of The School of Public Policy, University of Calgary, Canada
- Shawna Teper, Community and Government Relations Officer, York University, Canada
- Rob Davies, Public Affairs Manager, University College London, UK

***About the Organizers***

Research Impact Canada (RIC) is committed to helping universities and other organizations across Canada maximize the impact of research for communities. From sharing best practices, co-developing resources, to delivering training in knowledge mobilization skills, we are an open and collaborative network of 20+ universities (and growing!) across Canada. Learn more at: https://researchimpact.ca/

The Universities Policy Engagement Network (UPEN) is a community of UK universities committed to increasing the impact of research on policy. UPEN offers a dedicated contact point for policymakers, and a collective response to requests for evidence. It organises knowledge exchange events with government, parliament, devolved bodies, and identifies mechanisms to take forward specific projects. Learn more at: https://www.upen.ac.uk/


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